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I will be posting this in both my personal page and here as to hopefully eradicate this situation.

My group is a group based on allowing in work that I find cute or right for the group. I put in things I like, accept user submits, and allow other users to submit work that is not their own. That being said, I alone make the decisions for what goes into the group. If I do not like the work, that is not to say that it isn't good enough or lacking in value; merely, I do not like the work. And I am allowed to my own opinion. There are many other groups that accept work regardless of what it is as long as it fits within the rules. My rules are that, if I like it, it goes.

I do not like to be harassed in such matters. If you want your art in the group, then it must change. But that is not to say that it should. For all purposes, I would prefer that you work towards your own style. Whether or not I like it is of no matter. It matters that -you- like it, and if you do, you should need no justification in whether my group accepts it or not. If you wish me to critique your work as to why I have not accepted it, I will more than gladly help you achieve your goal if you so desire. But I do not have to justify what I have accepted in the group.

And if any of you find out the person/people involved, I ask you to leave them be. This is merely an announcement to hopefully avoid further controversy. Again, if you attack anyone, I will perma-block you from my page. Whether it was of good intention or not, I do not approve of doing so and find it extremely hurtful.

Thank you all for your understanding.
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June 8, 2012
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